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Soft Book

Soft Book

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Featuring all new bold and contrasting borders, this luxe soft cloth book encourages visual development, word association and cognitive development through early recognition. A gorgeous keepsake sized perfectly for little hands to explore while keeping their nearest and dearest always with them.

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This cute little soft cotton book measures 9×9 cm and is filled with recycled crisp packets to give it a crackly sound. It includes a toy loop and is perfect for keeping little one entertained when out and about or during nappy changes. Each book contains 6 pictures in the chosen theme. This book features woodland scenes with foxes, owls, hedgehogs, trees, mushrooms in autumn colors.

  • Weight
    .2 kg
  • Dimensions
    9 × 9 × 4 cm
  • color

    Beige, Blue, Gray

  • material

    Cotton, Felt, Pure linen

1 review for Soft Book

  1. Freddie Chandler

    Great toy, our 1 year old daughter loves it! We introduced it at about 8 months, and she showed great interest for it right away.

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