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Bear Pillow


Bear Pillow

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This Hand Woven Pillow is specially prepared just for you. The whole pillow, back and front, is in one piece and entirely woven on a loom. The process of creating your personalized pillow begins with producing thick, soft cloth, after which your personal request is embroidered carefully into the pillow.

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This friendly bear pillow is a design perfect accent to your living room, child’s room, or any happy sitting or lounging spot in your home. Each plush is handmade from start to finish with eco-friendly water-based inks, certified organic cotton, and recycled fiberfill.

  • Weight
    .8 kg
  • Dimensions
    45 × 80 × 30 cm
  • material

    Polyester, Pure linen

  • color


  • pillow-size

    Large, Medium, Small