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How to Choose a Perfect Kid’s Bed

When the time comes for your toddler to move from the crib to a bed , the range of options can be bewildering. Should you buy a toddler bed or a single bed? An innerspring mattress or a latex one? Our complete guide shares the best advice on finding the perfect bed for your child.

When your child is up and running, a sturdy bed and a good-quality mattress and box spring will give a child the support it needs to rest comfortably.” Experts advise replacing mattresses at least every five years, so if you have to choose between a supportive new mattress and a new bed frame, choose the former.

Remember that you can always repaint or refinish the frame, but even the old board in the bed trick will not really improve a non-supportive mattress

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  1. A supportive mattress is really important for good posture.

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